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Simposio sobre Huellas de Dinosaurios - Alemania - Abril 2011

Dinosaur track Symposium Obernkirchen 2011

Dear colleagues,

the Lower Saxonian State Museum Hannover proudly announces a special meeting concerning dinosaur tracks, with a special focus on Jurassic/Cretaceous strata due to new finds within the German "Wealden" of Lower Saxony, containing even Troodontid tracks. The symposium is organized and hosted by the North German foundation "Schaumburger Landschaft" and will take place from

14. - 17. April 2011

in town of Obernkirchen, vicinity of Hannover, Lower Saxony. A brilliant field trip programm accompanies the meeting, which will also host many experts on tracks, dinosaurs, actuopalaeontological aspects of track layers etc.

Please visit our homepage to look at the current program as well as see who is going to give plenary talks:

Any talks and/or posters about tracks, biomechanical aspects of "walking/running/leaving footprints" or sedimentological constraints of getting fossil record of tracks at all will be welcome.

If you have any questions, please contact me:
Dr. Annette Richter,


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