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The Department of Palaeobiology was formed in March 2013 through the merger of the former departments of Palaeobotany and Palaeozoology. The department has extensive scientific collections in all areas of palaeontology and conducts world-leading research in several fields, with emphasis on Cenozoic vertebrates, Palaeozoic invertebrates, early divergence of animal phyla, evolution of multicellularity and seed-plant origin and evolution. NB: Due to on-going refurbishments access to the collection may be restricted until the beginning of 2015. Approximately twenty-five people work in the department. Funds are available for a one-year researcher position in the Department of Palaeobiology. The successful candidate should in the application formulate a research project within one of the following fields:

• Evolution of Neogene Carnivora (Mammalia)
• Evolution of Cenozoic Glires (Mammalia)
• Proterozoic to Cambrian evolution of multicellular organisms
• Phylogeny and function of Cambrian problematic fossils.

The candidate should have completed the requirements for a PhD no later than six months after and no earlier than five years prior to submission of the application. The thesis should be in a subject of relevance to the above fields of palaeozoology. The applicant should provide as digital files (format .doc(x) or .pdf)

• An application including Cv/resurne
• A complete list of scientific publications
• A maximum of three publications
• An account of current and past research and research interests
• A project proposal within one of the fields of research listed above
• Names and contact addresses of two persons who may serve as personal references
• Any other relevant documentation the applicant wishes to provide.

Starting date
The successful applicant should start the position no later than February 1, 2015. For additional in formation , please contact Lars Werdelin (Iars.werdelin@nrm.se). Union representatives are Ove Johansson, SACO-S and Olof Haglund, ST. All can be reached at telephone number + 46 8 519 540 00.

The complete application (in English) must be submitted to rekrytering@ nrm.se or to Swedish Museum of Natural History, P. O. Box 50007, SE-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden, no later than August 25,2014. Mark your application dnr 2.3.1-386-2014

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