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The Paleontological Society is pleased to announce continuation and expansion of its small grants program for paleontologists living in Eastern Europe and republics of the former Soviet Union to now include  countries of Central and South America and island nations of the Caribbean (excluding possessions’ and territories’ of the USA and western Europe)..  For 2016, the Paleontological Society will award up to twenty grants of US $1000. These grants will be made directly to individuals and not to institutions.  Grantees will be selected by a committee of the Paleontological Society based on the quality and feasibility of the proposed research.   Consideration will be given to paleontologists at levels ranging from graduate students  to professionals and  active retirees. 
      PalSIRP Sepkoski Grants are named in honor of Dr. J. John Sepkoski, Jr., founder of the program.  Dr. Sepkoski died at age 50 in 1999.


Discussions over the last several years concerning globalization of the Sepkoski Grants program has matured to the point where the Paleontological Society Council has now approved a stepwise   expansion to see it to fruition. For 2016, in addition to the program’s historical focus on the countries of the former Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact, the program will be expanded to include the countries of Central and South America and island nations of the Caribbean (excluding formal possessions and territories of the USA and western European countries). If this rollout is successful many countries of Asia, Africa, and island nations of the Indian and Pacific Oceans will be added in subsequent years. To help accommodate this expansion, the total number of Sepkoski Grants for 2016 will increase from 15 to 20, each paying $1000. Payments will be made directly to awardees by bank check or wire transfer.  For 2016, we invite paleontologists from our traditional nation base and from this newly included area to apply.  Please review the program announcement, application instructions and instructions for the cover sheet on the Paleontological Society web-site: (http://paleosoc.org/grants-awarda/paleontological-society-international-research-program-palsirp).  For 2016, all applications will be due by April 15, 2016.    

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