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Master y PHD en la University of Southampton

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The programme is taught by staff from OES and Biological Sciences. Cutting edge research carried out by academic staff provides direct and enthusiastic input into a challenging and stimulating teaching programme. There are unique opportunities for you to undertake research projects with OES and Biological Sciences scientists.

You can apply through the University of Southampton's online postgraduate application system. You can find out more here 

Programme Structure

For students studying the MRes in Vertebrate Palaeontology, the spectrum of programmes within Ocean and Earth Sciences and through our collaborations with Biological Sciences and Aeronautics and Astronautics in Southampton are all scientifically exciting and challenging, as well as highly relevant to the modern world. Within this particular programme of study we aim to develop and enhance your knowledge of and enthusiasm for vertebrate evolutionary biology, anatomy, phylogenetics and biomechanics.

By the end of your MRes programme you will have extended your subject-specific and more generic skills beyond the level of your undergraduate degree. This will be partially the result of further instruction during the programme, but also will be a direct result of the application and practice of your skills during your research project and the practical elements of your studies. Additionally you will have developed research skills of sufficient depth to produce work which is publishable in refereed scientific literature.

Key facts

    We offer the perfect location for the study of this subject – we are close to several sites of global importance for vertebrate palaeontology including the Isle of Wight, Surrey and Sussex, and the Jurassic Fossil Coast of Dorset.

Key facts

    Ocean and Earth Science is strongly committed to providing the very best learning experience to all our students in a friendly and stimulating environment. We are known nationally and internationally for our excellence in teaching, and are continually improving the scope and delivery of our activities.

    This new programme offers students the chance to study the evolution and anatomy of vertebrates in one of the UK's leading Earth Science departments.

    Students will join an active research group who contribute to world-leading studies of dinosaurs, pterosaurs, fossil birds and ancient marine reptiles.


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